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Founded in 2003, the Firm advises, represents and supports its clients from the development of the pre-litigation strategy, as well as litigation and assists them during all phases of the legal procedure, as well as in the context of technical expertises.


Close to his client, he induces and maintains with him a relationship of absolute trust, necessary for the perception and resolution of the issues of which it is seized


The Firm's skills are balanced between strategy, advice and litigation, enabling it to respond to all the wishes and concerns of the clients for whom it defends and represents. 


The Firm thus intervenes before all civil, commercial and penal jurisdictions, as well as before various independent administrative authorities (Superior Council of Audiovisual in particular).


When appropriate, the Firm recommends to its clients the implementation of alternative dispute resolution methods (negotiation, mediation, transaction).


He develops adapted and tailor-made strategies, combining the fundamental legal approach and its technical aspects with an operational and inventive sensitivity, specific to the reality and to the objectives of his clients. He does not hesitate to step outside the box whenever the interests of the client so require.


Daily, the Firm's lawyers intervene to carry out contractual audits, draft civil and commercial contracts, negotiate partnerships in France and abroad, develop consultations and all other legal services made necessary for the perfect accomplishment of their clients' projects, whatever their sectors of activity.


The Firm's lawyers are fluent in English and Spanish and have experience of the Anglo-Saxon legal system.


Advocate's Oath

"I swear, as a lawyer, to perform my duties with dignity, conscience, independence, probity and humanity"


Respect and interpretation of the rules


Article 1.3 of the National Internal Regulations of the profession of lawyer (RIN)


"The essential principles of the profession guide the behavior of a lawyer in all circumstances.

The lawyer performs his duties with dignity, conscience, independence, probity and humanity, in accordance with the terms of his oath.

He also respects, in this exercise, the principles of honor, loyalty, equality and non-discrimination, disinterestedness, fellowship, delicacy, moderation and courtesy.

He demonstrates competence, dedication, diligence and prudence to his clients "



Professional secrecy


Article 2.1 of the National Internal Regulations of the profession of lawyer (RIN) 


"The lawyer is the necessary confidant of the client.

The professional secrecy of the lawyer is of public order. It is general, absolute and unlimited in time.

Subject to the strict requirements of his own defense before any jurisdiction and cases of declaration or disclosure provided or authorized by law, the lawyer does not, in any matter, make any disclosure that violates professional secrecy "





Article 3.1 of the National Internal Regulations of the profession of lawyer (RIN)


"All exchanges between lawyers, oral or written whatever the medium (paper, fax, electronic way ...), are by nature confidential.

Correspondence between lawyers, whatever the medium, may under no circumstances be produced in court, nor be the subject of a waiver of confidentiality "



Because that's what sets us apart.



Knowing and understanding our Clients to represent and defend them better.


Confidence and Transparency 

They must be total and mutual.


Legal advice and Cooperation

Associating our Clients to the elaboration of the strategies implemented.



Ability to react 

Handling the duly indicated urgencies immediately.



Analyzing with rigor, to act with precision.



Knowing how to grant time and attention.


Humanism and Loyalty 

Beyond the Law, there are People.


The Firm strives to precisely predict the amount of fees to be incurred for the processing of a file.


He addresses this issue in a transparent manner and allows his clients, at any time, to know to what extent they are engaged.


The amount of fees is freely set between the Firm and its client and is subject to a fee agreement.


Thus, a fee or mission and remuneration agreement provides for the amount and billing methods attached to each file or to all of the Client's files, thus ensuring each party signing the said agreement the security of its full Application. Three methods of establishing fees are commonly used by the Cabinet.

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