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28 octobre x KLAAK: an Alliance of Excellence and Values


It’s official: Klaak joins forces with 28 octobre law firm to reach new heights. It is hand in hand that we decided to give new impetus to the dynamics of our respective companies.

Why this partnership?

The idea consists of setting up a global support offer responding to the concerns of managers, so that they can develop their activity with complete contractual, social, competitive and financial security.

The objective is always the same: to accelerate business transformation. 

David Koubbi, Associate Lawyer co-founder of 28 octobre, “Our mission is to support our clients at 360 degrees, both in advice, in the pre-litigation phase or in litigation in a competitive environment which must be perfectly secure. This partnership with KLAAK, which our teams have known well for a long time, meets this requirement perfectly, both in terms of validating strategic hypotheses and the necessary support for growth. 28 octobre and KLAAK share the same values of adaptability, responsiveness and high standards.”

Kevin Lecerf, Director of Klaak : “This is a major partnership for Klaak. Our objective as an Operating Partner is to accelerate the growth of companies while protecting the interests of our clients as much as possible in the strategic choices that are made (association, external growth, internationalization, etc.). And the very essence of 28 octobre is to protect the interests of their clients against all the risks inherent to growth and changes in scale.”

Protecting the interests of our customers is the whole objective of this partnership. Klaak's mission is to help leaders build the company of their dreams by achieving their goals. With the collaboration of 28 octobre, we will be able to sustain the change in scale of our respective clients from an organizational and risk management point of view. 


History of the meeting

At the basis of this partnership, a man: Xavier Dinse and a company: Tilt Digital. In April 2019, Xavier founded the company Tilt Digital, specializing in audiovisual integration for SMEs.

Xavier made the bet from the start to surround himself with two partners to frame and pace his development. First of all, David Koubbi, lawyer and co-founder of 28 octobre, in order to supervise the social risks linked to the first hires and the commercial risks linked to the first client and partner contracts. Then Kevin Lecerf, operating partner and co-founder of the Klaak agency, tasked with defining the development roadmap and structuring the organization of the teams and financial management.

The objective set by Xavier for David and Kevin is simple, to support him in the development of Tilt Digital up to the first million euros in turnover, then in its progression from 1 to 10M€ in turnover .

It is then that the complementarity of the partners operates: Klaak writes and deploys the roadmap from a figures, HR and process point of view, and 28 octobre supervises commercial relations, protects the Tilt Digital brand and ensures the integrity of its contractual environment.

Xavier Dinse, founder of Tilt Digital : “I am very happy that these 2 men who are so dear to me are joining forces and their companies to serve their common customers. Beyond the construction of a structural and legal fortress, 28 octobre and Klaak will provide essential support to leaders, in their daily lives and in their decisions".

Beyond the Tilt file, it is a meeting between two men sharing common values. Kevin and David seized the opportunity to transform this professional meeting into a real adventure. This is the genesis of the Klaak x 28 octobre partnership.

And since then, some of our respective clients have been able to benefit from the combined expertise of Klaak and 28 octobre, as part of totally dedicated support.


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