COVID19 - Communication of 28 o c t o b r e

Mis à jour : janv. 7

Dear All,

Each and every one of you is aware of the exceptional situation that our country is going through and is about to experience, due to the health context due to Covid-19.

Following the measures announced by the Government, we would like to assure you of our presence by your side. Our team remains fully engaged with our customers to respond to their issues. Our firm is equipped with an efficient and operational IT system allowing members of our team to work both in our premises and remotely, in the event of a containment measure, thus ensuring continuous monitoring of our cases.

We are in the process of analyzing the support systems for companies and employees vis-à-vis their employer and, from Monday, we will be able to assist you in their implementation.

The 28 o c t o b r e Firm has always been, and will always be, devoted to its clients, in any context, it is in the very DNA of our structure, and of those who make it up.

More than ever, we want to support you in all areas of law.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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