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Our Department of Labor Law at your side

Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

The emergency bill to deal with the Covid-19 epidemic must be examined in the National Assembly on Thursday March 19 and Friday March 20, 2020. If it contains relatively few concrete measures, many orders are announced under 3 months to specify the social measures likely to interest professionals:

- impacts on health emergency professionals (especially on the freedom to conduct business and the freedom of assembly);

- measures to limit company closures and layoffs (including recourse to partial activity by extending and adapting it, reducing the remainder payable by the employer, promoting better coordination with vocational training and better consideration of part-time employees);

- adaptation of the terms of allocation of the additional IJSS compensation paid by the employer in the event of absence due to illness or accident, in the event of a serious and exceptional health risk, in particular an epidemic;

- modification of the conditions for acquiring paid leave in order to allow the employer to impose or unilaterally modify the dates for taking part of the paid leave, days of RTT and days of rest allocated to the savings account. employee time, by deviating from the notice periods and the applicable terms of use defined by the Labor Code as well as by collective agreements and agreements;

- measures intended to allow companies in sectors particularly necessary for the security of the nation or the continuity of economic and social life to derogate by law from the rules of public order and from the contractual stipulations relating to working hours, weekly rest and at Sunday rest;

- measures intended to modify, on an exceptional basis, the deadlines and terms of payment of the sums paid for profit-sharing and for profit-sharing;

- measures intended to modify the modalities of the election aimed at measuring the audience of trade unions in very small businesses, and, consequently, exceptionally, the duration of the mandates of labor advisers and members of regional inter-professional joint committees (CPRI );

- adjustment of the procedures for the exercise by the occupational health services of their missions and in particular the monitoring of the health of workers and definition of the rules according to which the monitoring of the state of health is ensured for workers who do not 'were able, because of the epidemic, to benefit from the monitoring provided for by the Labor Code;

- modification of the information and consultation procedures of the CSE to enable it to issue the necessary opinions within the allotted time;

- adaptation of provisions in the field of vocational training and apprenticeship, in particular in order to enable companies, training organizations and operators to meet legal obligations in terms of quality and registration of certifications and authorizations, payment contributions but also adaptation of the conditions for covering training costs, remuneration and social contributions of vocational training trainees ...

Our firm will be at your side to support you in the concrete implementation of the measures announced.

To do this, our social law department led by our partner Didier MEDECIN will respond to all your requests, if you wish.

During this period of confinement, do not hesitate to contact him at his address A very fast return will be guaranteed to you.

We beg you to believe, Dear Madam, Dear Sir, in the expression of our most devoted and best feelings.

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