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Criminal law

Defense of natural and legal persons at all stages of the procedure, from the police investigation / judicial information to the appearance before the trial court (assistance in custody, preparation for hearings / interrogations / confrontations, hearings, request for release, etc.). Assistance before the courts for the application of sentences (visits to detention, sentences adjustments, exit permissions, request for parole, etc.).


Assistance to victims of offenses at all stages of the procedure (filing a complaint / civil party constitution, investigation  /judicial investigation, assistance with hearings / confrontations).


Defense before trial courts in order to obtain full compensation for damages, in particular against insurance companies. At the same time and if necessary, instituting proceedings before the Victims Compensation Fund.

Criminal law of business affairs

Advice and assistance to managers and companies before criminal courts from the instruction or investigation phase to pleading (accidents and manslaughter, misuse of corporate assets, company law, infringements of competition law, consumption and the environment, breaches of probity).

Media risk

Support for companies and public entities facing difficulties or litigation (pre-litigation or litigation) likely to affect their image.

Press law

Representation of personalities and press groups in the context of disputes related to infringement of image rights, violations of privacy and press offenses (defamation, insult).

Labor and Social Security Law

Management of disputes (individual before the Labor Court or the TASS and collective) and advice to employees (negotiated departures) and companies (working hours, corporate restructuring, management, health and safety, remuneration systems, law union, IORP and collective bargaining, social audits ...).

Economic Law & Distribution

Advice and litigation in the field of distribution networks (franchise, concession, commercial agency).

Contract law

Negotiation and drafting of civil and commercial contracts.

Intellectual property

Literary and artistic property law (copyright and neighboring rights of producers and performers), industrial property (trademarks, designs and models), communication, IT and telecommunications, in matters various (press, publishing, audiovisual, cinema, music, new technologies…) and various fields (photography / art, fashion, jewelry / jewelry / watchmaking, industry…).

Intervention in advice (deposits, license contracts, coexistence ...), pre-litigation (infringement seizure) and litigation (infringement actions, trademark invalidity …)

Liability law

Liability of regulated professions (insurance intermediaries, investment service providers, court officers), Liability for defective products, Medical liability, bodily injury

Commercial leases

Advice in the negotiation and drafting of commercial leases and in the renewal, termination, leave and assignment of lease right. Disputes between Lessor and Lessee : rents, charges, works, renewal, acquisition of termination clause.

Trade law

Abusive termination of talks, non-performance or improper performance of the contract, resolution or termination of the contract, unfair competition, sudden termination of established commercial relations, debt collection.

Corporate law

Creation of companies, legal secretariat, partners' pacts, capital increase / reduction and fundraising, employee participation mechanisms, transfer of social rights and business assets, amicable liquidations, disputes between partners, responsibility of managers and corporate officers.

Insolvency law

Amicable and judicial treatment of business difficulties (ad hoc mandate, conciliation, safeguard, reorganization and judicial liquidation), defense of creditors, debtors and managers in matters of litigation related to collective proceedings.

Air Law - National and International

Assistance and representation of natural and legal persons from the pre-litigation phase to representation in court, covering disputes such as civil or commercial claims, freight problems, personal injuries or victims of air crashes and accidents collectives.


Complex litigation with a strong international dimension, in particular those related to defective products in the aeronautics industry. Clientele composed in particular of industrialists and international operators of the aeronautical sector or collective victims.


Expertise in drafting and reviewing contracts and advice on regulatory compliance, including compliance with European and international regulations such as the Warsaw Convention and the Montreal Convention.

Our Mediatico-Judicial Stress-Test

Assessment of reputational and legal risks offered to companies with the aim of preserving their quality image, both with customers, suppliers and shareholders, thus making it possible to judiciously anticipate the multiplicity of risks that a company may face.

Our Box PME

Tailor-made monthly subscription aimed at controlling the consulting and litigation budget, practiced in all areas of the Firm's expertises.

28  immo

Dedicated and personalized support for sellers and buyers in the entire real estate sales and acquisitions process.

Droit pénal des affaires
Risque Média
Droit de la presse
Droit du travail et de la sécurité sociale
Droi économique & distribution
Droit des contrats
Propriété intellectuelle
Droit de la responsabilité
Droit pénal
Baux commerciaux
Droit commercial
Droit des sociétés
Droit des procédures collectives
Droit aérien
Notre Stress-Test Médiatico-Judiciaire
Notre Box PME
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